5 Benefits of a Montessori Education

Group of elementary students learning grammar with montessori materials within their classroom in a collegiate of alternative pedagogy.

The Montessori Method is founded on the idea that children love to learn. When you enroll your child in a Montessori school, you are providing a variety of advantages that apply to every aspect of their education.

1) Hands-On Learning
When you step into a Montessori classroom, you’ll immediately notice the prevalence of Montessori designed learning materials. That’s because at the heart of the Montessori method is the belief that learning is accomplished through hands-on experiences. The Montessori philosophy manifests with a strong emphasis on unique materials and practical life materials that prepare each child for the essentials that one needs to navigate through a lifetime.

2) Developmental Expression
The Montessori method places a strong emphasis on educating a child in accordance with their developmental cycle. Maria Montessori defined several periods of development that align well with modern understandings of cognitive growth. In practice, these periods are used to inform lesson plans and material choices. Students are introduced to age-appropriate materials and aren’t expected to grasp abstract concepts until they’re ready. Surprisingly, teaching according to this method often encourages students to advance quickly past subjects that might be seen as difficult in a traditional school.

3) Strong Social Foundations
Montessori classrooms encourage children to engage with other students in a polite and respectful way. Classrooms include students of multiple ages, and collaborative works are encouraged within each child’s preferences. A strong emphasis is placed on teamwork and communication. This philosophy results in students who know how to communicate, share, and work together. The sense of community developed in a Montessori classroom often helps students make friends and socialize throughout the rest of their lives.

4) Varied Experiences
Every student who’s been through a Montessori education has a wide variety of sensory experiences under their belt. From unique Montessori materials to interesting books, students are encouraged to seek their own answers and find out how the world really works. Because Montessori schools don’t waste time on long lectures or stressful exams, students have far more time to explore topics that interest them. And since students are encouraged to communicate, many students find themselves learning about another student’s passion project.

5) Sense of Individuality
Students who graduated from a Montessori school often feel that they have a strong sense of identity and self-direction. Montessori teachers encourage every student to take independent action and learn on their own terms. Even young students are allowed to pick their own learning materials – and expected to take responsibility for cleaning up their own work area. The Montessori education focuses on guiding a child to succeed on their own terms. From unique learning materials to patient teachers, a Montessori classroom has everything your child needs to enjoy the process of learning.

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