Five Must-Read Books for Parents of Montessori Learners

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By continuing your child’s Montessori education at home, you’re building a firm foundation for them to succeed at school.

In some cases, though, Montessori parents feel left behind when it comes to Montessori education. Since they’re in the dark about the workings of Montessori, it can be hard to foster coinciding routines, values, and practices at home.

That’s why we put this list of five must-read books for parents of Montessori learners together. These selections will open your eyes to the world of Montessori, including the philosophy, teachings, and more.

By learning about Montessori, you can also strengthen the bond with your child as you begin to see the world from a shared perspective.


Five Books for Montessori Parents


1. The Absorbent Mind by Maria Montessori

The Absorbent Mind is many parents’ favorite book about Montessori philosophy. Written by the founder herself, you can’t get closer to the source than this. This book describes a child from birth to about six years old, outlining the reasons why children during this age and stage are so full of potential and possibility. This book explains how curious children are about every facet of life and how eager they are to learn.

The Absorbent Mind also describes a child’s love for parents and other important adults in their lives. It goes into detail on how children mirror the behavior of their grown-ups and how their unique experiences shape them.

This book is ultimately a window into the mind of your child, and many parents find it fascinating.


2. The Secret of Childhood by Maria Montessori

This book, again written by Dr. Montessori, has often been described as an examination of a child’s personality with the warmth of an educator and the precision of a scientist. The Secret of Childhood helps parents to see their children as individuals with precious, fantastic, unique minds of their own.


3. MONTESSORI, The Science Behind the Genius by Angeline Stoll Lillard 

Angeline Stoll Lillard explains in this book how Montessori philosophy stands the test of time and remains relevant in the modern age. A professor of psychology at the University of Virginia, Dr. Lillard examines a handful of Maria Montessori’s ideas surrounding a child’s learning and explains how modern neuroscience and research supports Dr. Montessori’s claims.

This book explains Montessori activities, the reasons behind them, and the benefits they offer your child. For parents confused about the “why” behind Montessori, this is a great selection.


4. Montessori from the Start by Paula Polk Lillard and Lynn Lillard Jessen

Montessori from the Start, as the title would suggest, talks about implementing the Montessori philosophy from infancy onward. It discusses ways you can mold your baby’s environment to encourage the Montessori mindset and encourage exploration, development, and good habits.

This book also describes the “sensitive periods” of a child’s development and what specific stages are best for children to learn what skills.

This book reads as a guide with many real-life examples and encourages the idea of independence and purposeful behavior within children.


5. Nurturing the Spirit by Aline D. Wolf

Spirituality and connection are two important facets of Montessori learning, and in this book, Aline D. Wolf talks about them in non-sectarian terms. She does not discuss religion or rituals—instead, she explains the spiritual inclinations of a child and how they should be encouraged with connections made in the community.

This book explains how to spiritually nurture your children because spiritual awareness is important in both children and their parents.


Knowledge Is Power

Getting familiar with the inner workings of the Montessori philosophy won’t just open your eyes to a new style of education, but it will also help you understand what your child is learning each day as well. And when you understand the style of their learning at school, you can encourage that style at home.

At Austin Children’s Academy, we are huge proponents of reading and learning as much as we possibly can. Every day, our educators absorb new and valuable information!

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