Healthy Lunch Ideas That Will Have Your Kids Asking for More

When you are tackling the challenge of packing healthy school lunches during the week for your child, it can be tempting to just go for pre-made convenience foods. However, these prepackaged lunches are rarely truly appetizing, and they’re often lacking in whole foods and plentiful nutrition. The good news is that you can pack healthy lunches without spending more than five minutes of preparation each morning. Check out these healthy lunch ideas that kids will love. They are simple to prepare and can be easily packed in a lunchbox.

Food Fit for a Rock Star
For a lunch that will feel indulgent but is actually really nutritious, try one of Elvis Presley’s favorite foods with a healthy twist. Toast two slices of whole wheat bread, then spread a thin layer of peanut butter on each slice. Chop half a banana into thin slices, then place them on one of the peanut butter toast slices. Put the sandwich together! Your child will love eating a peanut butter and banana sandwich for lunch.

Soup and Veggies
Most kids love soup, and it’s quick and easy to prepare. In fact, you may prepare enough soup on a Sunday to last throughout the week. Heat up soup in the morning, then pour it in a thermos. It will be nice and hot at lunchtime. Kids love to dip crackers in their soup. However, sometimes crackers can be empty calories. Instead of packing crackers to accompany the soup, include vegetable slices like carrots for kids to dip in the soup.

Jungle Salad
Encourage your child to eat a jungle! This can become a frequent meal at home. Once your child develops a love for the playful nature of it at home, you can easily pack it in a lunch box. Choose raw broccoli as the trees. Peas, soybeans, green beans, and lettuce can be the grass and other shrubbery of the forest. Throw in a variety of nuts and seeds for protein. Mix it up well, then place it in a thermos or handy bowl with a lid. Include a side of dressing for your child to add at meal time. It’s an instant, convenient, and healthy lunch.

Pasta Primavera
When you have a big pasta meal for dinner, leftovers are likely to be plentiful. Choose whole wheat pastas for optimal nutrition! The next morning, heat up some pasta and put it in your child’s thermos. When heating up leftover pasta, be sure to throw in a few additional vegetables and pine nuts for added nutrition.

Dress Up Great Vegetables
Chop up some delicious, healthy vegetables into kid-friendly, bit-sized pieces. You may want to choose carrots, celery, cucumbers, and sweet peppers. Place them into an air tight container that you can toss in your child’s lunch box. Pack two or three types of dip with the vegetables, and your child can have a little vegetable buffet and select which dips to use with which veggies. Kids love the variety and choices.

It’s important to make healthy choices very easy for your children to make. By packing nutritious, fun, and delectable lunches for your kids, you’re teaching them that living healthily doesn’t require sacrifice or suffering. It’s simply a part of living well, taking care of oneself, and having the best things in life possible. That’s one lesson that can stay with a child for life!

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