10 Kid-Approved Healthy Snack Ideas

Face it: Kids are always hungry. If the idea of eating pops into their heads, they’ll ask for food. Your status as a “cool” parent relies largely on your ability to provide delicious sustenance when the hunger complaints start. It would be easy to keep pre-packaged process snacks on hand to offer in these situations, but those aren’t the kinds of nourishment that you want in your kids’ bodies. Instead, consider these healthy foods for kids while
in school and also at home:

  1. Fruit – This original on-the-go snack is perfect for little hands. Instead of candy or other artificially flavored treats, offer a banana, an apple or a handful of grapes for a quick and easy naturally sweet snack.
  2. Ants on a log – Combine fruits and veggies with this classic kid favorite. Not only delicious, the celery, peanut butter and raisin combination is also nutritious. Try kid-friendly variances such as almond or hazelnut butter with cranberries or cherries.
  3. Homemade granola bars – Rather than purchasing the processed and fatty bars at the store, make your own with whole grains and dried fruits. Your kids will thank you for your thoughtfulness while shoving the whole bar into their mouths.
  4. Crackers and hummus – Perfect for your little dippers, offer organic crackers in place of potato chips and homemade hummus instead of chip dip. The grains and protein will keep your kids feeling full for hours.
  5. Mini wraps or sandwiches – Snack time isn’t really meant for entire wraps or sandwiches, but mini versions on whole grain bread can be just what your kids need for an energy boost. Rather than buying a pre-made, packaged version, put one together with your kids’ favorite veggies and mustard.
  6. Homemade energy bars – Consider lemon bars, spiced ginger bars or gingerbread bars as you look for handy snacks. Make them yourself to control the nutrition and offer them to tiny hands.
  7. Butter and banana roll-ups – Put fruit, grains and butter together to create this filling kid treat. By spreading a little almond butter, or even peanut butter, on a whole grain shell, you can add some cinnamon or coconut and wrap it around a banana for a deliciously fun snack.
  8. Homemade trail mix – Avoid the pre-packaged kind that is often coated in oil and sugar for a made-at-home option. Add your kids’ favorite nuts and dried fruits to create their new favorite treat.
  9. Wholesome homemade cookies – Make some reasonably sized and healthy cookies for your kids using dried fruits, nuts and even vegetable purees.
  10. Roasted chickpeas – To satisfy your children’s need for crunchy snacks like chips, offer to roast some chickpeas coated in a savory, sweet or salty spice.

Keep some of these kid-approved healthy snacks on hand, and watch as your kids go from starvation complaints to wholesome snack requests.

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