Here’s How COVID Could Change the Future of Schooling

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COVID has caused everything to change. And although things will eventually return to a state of normalcy, it won’t be the same normal as before. Here are just a few ways that education could change forever in response to the lessons we’re learning today.

Online Learning Will Become a Standard
As a society, we are blessed to have access to remote learning technology; we probably couldn’t flatten the curve without it. With so many schools and jobs migrating to the online world, it’s reasonable to assume that some of them won’t want to transition back.

Online learning makes education an option for those who can’t or don’t want to attend a traditional school. Although online preschool probably isn’t going to last forever, expect to see online high school and college becoming a serious trend.

Classrooms Will Get Smaller
COVID isn’t the only contagious virus; the yearly influenza outbreak is proof of this fact. As social distancing becomes an accepted method of disease prevention, you can expect to see classrooms getting slightly smaller in response. A smaller student body means a massively reduced risk of community spread.

Every school will handle this differently, so don’t expect your kid to be in a class of five anytime soon. Over the next few years, the educational world will work to determine a truly ideal classroom size.

homeschoolFocus Will Be on Comprehension
Switching to an online learning model has shown a spotlight on the weaknesses of the current education system. Some kids have had no problems keeping up with their essays and assignments, but other kids really struggle to get that work done at home.

It’s unclear how teachers will react to this information, but their solutions will be effective as long as they remember that comprehension is key. Kids don’t need to be good at tests to be good at life. Expect to see participation-based models with plenty of video content that kids can consume at a rate that works for them.

Socialization Will Become Its Own Reward
You can read a textbook at home, but you need to go to school to learn from teachers and engage with your friends. One of the lessons that COVID is teaching everyone is that socialization is a truly valuable part of childhood education.

When the quarantine is lifted, expect to see people treating social interaction with respect and appreciation. Schools may make more time for recess and social engagement, and parents will definitely continue to let their kids connect with friends online. The world is big, and life is difficult, but we don’t have to face these facts alone.

Parents Will Be More Involved
Quarantine has truly brought parents and children together. Don’t expect any parent who has started helping their kids with math or conducting impromptu geography lectures to suddenly drop their engagement when the schools re-open.

In a realistic sense, this means you can expect parents to be more involved with curriculum choices and after-school care. Parent-teacher meetings will involve more communication, and students will start to receive more individual attention across the board.

COVID-19 has taught the world that our current education system is not set in stone. Expect both teachers and parents to use this opportunity to solve the problems that have bothered academia for years.

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