How Can I Engage My Child When They’re Stuck at Home?

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When kids spend too much time at home, parents often start to worry that they aren’t properly motivated or engaged. Your child’s mental health is important; if you feel like they’re becoming detached, these tips will help you regain their interest and enthusiasm.

Invite Your Child to Help
Kids love to do the same things their parents are doing. If you find your kid moping about the house, consider inviting them to take part in the next task or project on your plate. Simple tasks like peeling potatoes or alphabetically sorting files are incredibly engaging for a child, and the process will help them connect with you in a meaningful way.

Remember, the goal is to help your child feel better, not to get your tasks accomplished more quickly. These learning moments should empower your child; if they get frustrated, take a break, and let them return to playing or relaxing.

Invite Your Child to Talk
Most children enjoy talking and communicating. If they’ve gone quiet, it’s often a sign that they no longer feel comfortable expressing themselves. By becoming a good listener, you can create an environment that encourages your children to both speak and interact.

Active listening isn’t a difficult skill to learn, but it does require attention and practice. Your child will want to talk about topics that don’t interest you, especially if they are young. Resist the urge to be bored or to over-steer the conversation.

Provide Stimulating Materials
Technology doesn’t actually offer enough to keep a young child engaged and entertained. If your kid is spending all of their time on the phone or computer, their environment might not have enough interesting or captivating materials and toys.

Montessori learning materials are all designed to grab and hold a child’s attention. From colorful blocks to more complicated science kits, there are plenty of unique toys and playsets that will enrich your child’s life. Try introducing toys one at a time, and remember to supply fresh materials when your kid starts to lose interest.

Provide Relevant Media
Modern children need to know how to engage with digital media. Since they’re stuck at home already, use this opportunity to help them safely explore the world of movies, television, and music. From educational documentaries to culturally significant pieces, there are plenty of ways to keep a child of any age from getting bored during quarantine.

If you share in your child’s media experiences, you’ll also be able to engage them in better conversation. After you watch a movie, give them the chance to discuss their favorite parts.

Maintain a Positive Atmosphere
Kids become disengaged when they don’t feel comfortable in their environment. If your kid seems withdrawn, they may not feel like they can be themselves. You can alleviate this tension by giving your child more emotional and mental space. Let them explore toys and complete projects on their own; trust that if they need help, they’ll ask.

Remember, a child that is napping or reading is not necessarily being lazy or disengaged. Kids are experiencing the world for the first time, and it can be incredibly overwhelming. Create emotional room for your kid to take the time they need to mature at a healthy and comfortable rate.

Kids automatically want to interact with the world. As long as you give them resources, oversight, and emotional stability, they’ll often engage completely on their own. Trust your kids, and provide a foundation that they can trust in turn.

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