How Cedar Park Montessori Schools Benefit the Local Community


Austin Children’s Academy is one of several Montessori schools in the local area. We’re proud to be part of this extended community, and we believe that a focus on the Montessori method will have benefits for the next generation of Texas youth.

Practical Learning Skills
The Montessori Method teaches kids how to engage with their lessons and learn in a way that no other educational philosophy has been able to match. Montessori kids know how to devote time to an activity, which means they’re capable of sticking with a task until they deem it’s complete.

The learning skills that kids pick up in a Montessori classroom follow them for the rest of their lives. Even a few years of Montessori preschool and kindergarten can help your child maintain an advantage for the remainder of their academic career.

Cross-Age Friendships
Montessori classrooms typically contain children who are within four years of age. Instead of interacting only with students of their own year, Montessori kids learn how to get along with kids both older and younger than them. As a result, most Montessori students develop impressive social skills and an unmatched sense of empathy.

Communities built around Montessori schools often notice that the children are more willing to make friends with each other, even if they aren’t the exact same age. This sense of camaraderie can’t be shaken, even when the students get older and go to other schools.

Strong Community Relations
Montessori schools tend to strengthen the local community from all angles. The children themselves learn to get along with each other, work in groups, and rely on teachers and other students for support when needed. Meanwhile, parents connect through family activities and learn to thrive in one of the most accepting academic communities in existence.

The members of a Montessori community connect over respect for their children and an appreciation for practical learning and growth. These common values help build a strong foundation that starts to show in the way businesses are built and local decisions are made.

Love for Education and Growth
Maria Montessori knew that, when left to their own devices, every child wants to learn and grow. That’s why Montessori schools work hard to foster this natural curiosity and maintain the spark of creativity in children for as long as possible.

Kids who are raised under the Montessori method carry this loving attitude forward and apply it to other parts of their lives. When it comes time to give back to their local community as adults, these same people will apply the principles they learned in Montessori school towards creating a stronger and better future for the next generation.

A love for learning is always apparent in a community; that’s why it’s important to have Montessori schools available for every generation of kids. Austin Children’s Academy is proud to bring the benefits of Maria Montessori’s principles and philosophy to the residents of Cedar Park.

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