How to Augment Your Child’s Learning at Home

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While we strive to teach children as much as possible, only some of a child’s learning can happen in the classroom. After they return home each night, students have a chance to cement their learning by reading with parents, helping with chores and playing with their loved ones. At Austin Children’s Academy, we have found that the most successful students are supported and encouraged at home. To help parents, we have compiled a list of behaviors and routines your family can practice together at home.

Support Learning Outside of the Classroom

The Montessori approach involves self-motivation and independence. To help students grow, we give them an orderly environment. At home, you can mimic the same approach. Give every item its own place. You should make sure that your home is designed with a child’s size in mind, so your child can easily put things away when they are done using them. In addition to fostering independence, this technique also helps students avoid potential distractions.

Organize Your Home

No one is born knowing how to clean their room or organize their belongings. You can make cleaning easier for your child by simplifying your home environment. For example, you can create storage bins for puzzles, blocks and similar toys. Shelves are also great for storage because they allow children to easily see all of the toys they can play with.

Help Them Do Chores Independently

In Montessori classrooms, you will always see child-sized brooms, mops and dustpans. Our goal is to help children become independent, so we give them the tools they need to do chores on their own. Parents can help by giving children tools and furniture that work for their size. As your child grows, you can also teach them how to put away their clothes and choose their outfit each day.



Encourage Concentration

According to the Montessori method of thought, concentration is a skill you can start cultivating when your child is very little. In the beginning, you can do this by giving the child an organized space to learn and explore. While children may not be able to focus as long as adults do, it is important to start learning how to concentrate early.

Install Baby Gates

Montessori schools encourage exploration within safe boundaries. For infants and toddlers, you will need to install safety features to protect your child. Baby gates allow your child to explore without falling down steps or getting into dangerous chemicals. Meanwhile, covering electrical outlets and baby-proofing your house will protect your child from harm as he or she learns to explore.

Focus on Life Skills

Young children can begin taking care of themselves and their rooms with the help of a parent. By teaching life skills, parents can help their children become considerate adults. You can help your child by teaching them how to wipe down the table after dinner and put away the dishes. Children can also learn how to pick up their toys, fold laundry and make their bed.

The kind of activities you can do will naturally change as children get older. As they mature, they can take on more responsibilities and concentrate for longer periods of time. To learn more about how Montessori programs support child development, call the Austin Children’s Academy today.

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