Importance of Staying with Montessori K-12 and Its Effect on the Student

Most Montessori schools only take students of preschool and kindergarten ages. Because of this, it’s no surprise that many parents aren’t aware that you can also send your children to a Montessori institution that offers K-12 classes. The Montessori method is a great choice for students of all ages and can make for an excellent high school experience.

Can You Keep Your Kid in Montessori after Preschool?

Dr. Montessori created her method to help children develop from their early years into young adulthood. Although most of her focus was on early development, her method also included detailed instructions for educating children as they move away from fundamental concepts and start looking for more interesting and abstract materials.

Today, Montessori preschools are far more common than Montessori elementary, middle, or high schools. Most neighborhoods have at least one Montessori school for young children, while Montessori institutions for older kids are usually limited to one per county or even one per state. However, these schools do exist, and they offer incredibly high-quality academics combined with relaxed environments and flexible attitudes.

What a Montessori K-12 School Looks Like

All Montessori schools include mixed-age classrooms, extended work periods, and exciting learning materials that are based on the students’ individual needs. Although actual classroom activities vary greatly between institutions, you can count on your qualified Montessori teachers to make sure that your student is advancing at a reasonable pace.

Montessori secondary schools typically organize students into three-year age groups. Expect to see middle school students working alongside each other while high schoolers work on their projects in a separate room. A spiral curriculum is used to expose students to the same subjects repeatedly; each time they see the material, they’ll be able to use their advanced knowledge to take another step down the exploratory path.

The Benefits of Staying in Montessori School

Staying in Montessori school gives your child a consistent educational philosophy throughout their entire academic career. Some of the things your student will learn after a K-12 Montessori education include

  • a strong sense of community and group work skills;
  • an autonomous, self-starting academic style;
  • real-world work skills and business experience;
  • an appreciation for own talents, skills, and career aspirations.

The decision of whether or not to keep your child in Montessori school depends on your location, your child’s career aspirations, and their success in a relaxed academic environment. If your child thrives in Montessori and struggles in traditional school, don’t be afraid to transfer them to an academy where they will be given the tools they need to succeed.

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