Tips for Parents of Montessori Students that Support the Philosophy

Education is a joint effort between a child’s teachers and their parents. If you’ve enrolled your children in a Montessori school, there are plenty of things you can do at-home to support their education and entrench the Montessori philosophy in their lifestyle.

Keep the Home Organized
Montessori classrooms have been specially designed for children to study and thrive within them. One of the main features that helps kids develop good habits is the tidy environment with all of the tools that students need to keep things clean and organized. Your child’s Montessori school is already set up this way; if you want them to keep the habits they learned in class, you should consider organizing your home in a similar fashion.

To get a home Montessori-ready, start by making sure there’s a place for everything to go. Shelves and storage bins should be placed somewhere your child can reach them, especially if they contain clothes, toys, or school supplies. Similarly, make sure that any appliances or tools that your children are expected to use are appropriately sized for them.

Encourage and Support Engagement
Students who have a good time at Montessori school usually come home enamored with the lessons that they engaged with earlier in the day. Expect to hear your students talking about gardening, dinosaur fossils, cooking, crafting, and anything else that they interacted with throughout the day.

As a parent, you can support this kind of behavior by listening eagerly to your children and encouraging their interests. If your kids fall in love with a specific activity, consider getting the supplies needed to do that activity at home. You can also check out books and watch documentaries to help them learn even more about their new favorite things.

Be a Good Role Model
Your children look up to you to learn how they’re supposed to interact with the world. Parents who truly believe in the Montessori philosophy strive to be the best people they can be, and they make sure that their kids can see their efforts and successes. From the way that you walk to the way that you interact with their teachers and classmates, everything you do can be used to teach your kids a better way to live in this world.

Supporting your students’ Montessori education is all about strengthening the lessons they learn at school. Work with your child’s teacher to learn what steps you can take to supplement their lessons. If you want to know more, contact the academic staff at ACA to see how at-home life blends with the Montessori classroom.

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