Different Types Of Potty Training Seats

toddler potty seat

Go to any parent-of-a-toddler forum, and you’ll quickly see that potty training is one of the hottest topics under discussion. While some kids potty train quickly, others take a lot longer, and may require some stop-and-starting before the job’s done. It’s a matter of debate as to whether the equipment you use can make a real difference, but it sure can’t hurt to try a new or different potty seat if old methods haven’t worked.

Check out these different types of potty training seats, from the simple to the sublime.

Often the cheapest option, the most space-sensitive, portable, and certainly the one that requires the least amount of cleaning, a toilet ring that fits on the seat encourages the child to use the potty already extant in your bathroom. Getting a child used to a real toilet makes travel and shopping easier, as well. Keep in mind that a toilet ring may also require a step stool so the child can climb on his or herself. In all cases, the more secure the ring is attached, the better, so make sure you get one that fits snugly and is comfortable enough to sit on that the child won’t mind being there for a while.

Stand-Alone, No-Frills Potty Seat
For kids who don’t feel comfortable climbing up on that tall, scary toilet, a simple, no-bells-and-whistles potty training seat may fit the bill. These low-to-the-ground seats have a detachable bowl for easy cleaning and a lid just in case you can’t get to the job for a while. Look for seats with handles for extra stability, and put a basket of books or small toys nearby for temporary entertainment while they’re waiting for the Big Event.

Ride-On Potties
If coaxing your toddler to spend a little time on the potty is a serious challenge, consider getting a potty seat that looks more like a carnival ride. Sit-on potties come in many styles: potty ponies, fire engine cars, thrones, and ride-on toys. Sometimes a little whimsy works.

Potties That Give Positive Reinforcement
Positive reinforcement can go a long way to encouraging certain behaviors, including going to the potty. Thus, potty technology has evolved to respond to successful uses. Some potties have sensors that trigger a bright, celebratory tune or congratulations from certain animated characters when moisture is detected. Others allow you to pre-record encouraging messages. Still others have “flushers” that make a satisfying noise when pulled.

Considering the forward rush of technology, one can only imagine how long it will be before potty training seats come with a dedicated stand for a phone or tablet.

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