What Distinguishes ACA from Other Montessori Schools?

While Austin Children’s Academy may not be the only Montessori organization in the state of Texas, or even Austin, we pride ourselves in being the best.

But with so many options to choose from, we think it’s important to let our families (and prospective families) know what sets us apart, which is why we wrote this article.

If you’re looking to send your child to Austin Children’s Academy and want to know what ranks us higher than the rest, or if you’re looking to confirm that you’ve enrolled your child in the right school, keep reading.


Our Classrooms

Something major that sets us apart at ACA is our unique, exemplary classrooms. While creating classrooms that act as mini-communities is a staple for any good Montessori school, at ACA we place extra care and focus into these child-centered environments.

In our classrooms, peace, harmony, and respect are emphasized not only between students and their peers, but between students and teachers as well. Our students feel comfortable with the people whom they spend each day with, which allows them to reach their full potential regarding their learning capabilities. A comfortable child is one who is open to growth.

A comfortable child in an environment where they feel safe is also a confident child, and confidence is something we will always foster at ACA. When a child feels confident, they can solve problems independently and work through tough situations in creative, unique ways.

At ACA, our students showcase this behavior each and every day.


Our Curriculum

We view our school as a sturdy foundation for the rest of a child’s educational career. During their time at ACA, our students learn a curriculum that hones their strengths. Our curriculum supports all types of learning styles and allows children to grow at a pace that makes sense.

Our curriculum focuses on five distinct areas: practical life, sensorial exercises, language arts, mathematics, and cultural studies. By integrating these five subjects into everyday material, children are taken on a learning journey that’s exciting and diverse.


Our Campus

We operate on a ten-thousand-square-foot facility that is newly renovated and state of the art. We are proud of our beautiful campus, run by the Gupta family, and the fact that it is an environmentally conscious school is just icing on the cake.

Each one of our ten classrooms has its own restroom, computer lab, and library—this is to further encourage the idea that every classroom acts as its own mini-community. Beyond our classrooms, we have a recreational activity room and two spacious playgrounds complete with age-appropriate equipment.

We operate an energy-efficient campus and have plans in the future to go solar. We take pride in the fact that we participate in recycling, reusing, and upcycling programs as well.


Our Teachers

Our teachers are the shining stars behind ACA’s fabulous reputation, and they are the foundation of our Montessorian success. They have been thoroughly trained—not just with general university studies, but also with Montessori knowledge, philosophies, principles, and the method.

Our teachers are there to support their students through observation, influence, and encouragement, and to nurture the development of a child’s mind, body, and spirit. We focus on the whole child at ACA, and our teachers are well-versed in the technique behind doing just that.

Our teachers understand the individuality of each child and know how to interact with students in accordance with their strengths and interests. At ACA, our teachers don’t view their classroom as a collective—instead, their focus is placed on every single student.

Their demeanor is kind, firm, and supportive, and they are the role models at the head of their classroom. They promote peace, warmth, and respect within the community, and set clear limits and parameters on how the classroom should operate. They understand how to challenge every student and create classrooms that act as sanctuaries.

As the figurehead of the room, teachers are trusted leaders for students. Your child’s relationship with their teacher forms their foundation as an innovative learner.

Furthermore, our staff is diverse in more ways than one—your child is sure to see themselves in a teacher here at ACA in some way, and by doing that, they will know that they have a trusted guide throughout their educational journey.


Our Vision

Our vision is simple. We want to create a collaborative partnership between parents, teachers, and children in order to build a community that is based on honesty and mutual respect. At ACA, we foster the joy of learning and are dedicated to the success of our students—not only academically, but in life.

The combination of these positive aspects is something you can only find at Austin Children’s Academy. To learn more about enrollment, get in touch with us today.

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