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teacher and kids at an austin montessoriFounded in 2007, Austin Children’s Academy’s dedication has been toward the goal of creating an educational and inspirational atmosphere for young minds to learn, experience, and grow. It is here, at this Austin Montessori School, that a child’s natural interest in exploring knowledge about the world around them is encouraged and praised. We know that every child is unique and exceptional, and our focus is to learn and understand the needs of all our individual students, to give each individual student a path on which to start their own journey of discovery and personal success.

The Montessori Method Of Education

Here at Austin Children’s Academy, we embrace the Montessori Method of education. This philosophy was developed about a hundred years ago by one of Italy’s first female doctors, a brilliant, barrier-breaking young physician who, through scientific inquiry and classroom observation, realized that rigid, scheduled, contemporary education methods were not serving children optimally. She soon opened up a school of her own in order to implement the then-counterintuitive idea that children advance most quickly when their curiosity and their natural thirst for learning are engaged, nurtured, and promoted. Her successful, holistic, child-centered methods were such a success that they quickly spread. Now there are approximately 7,000 Montessori schools worldwide.

The Montessori method is, above all, child-centered. Open classrooms encourage free exploration. Finely-made and specialized toys engage the children’s imagination and encourage self-reliance and independent learning. Interactions with peers are developed with respect and in a spirit of collaboration. Most of all, the teachers do not lecture. They respect their student’s individual strengths, methods of learning, and learning pace in order to guide them toward further advancement.

Austin Montessori School Teachers

The teachers who guide young minds at the Austin Children’s Academy have provided much time and dedication towards learning the educational philosophies of the Montessori method. After the rigors of university, teachers are then thoroughly educated on how to be a child’s partner in learning through support, instruction, and reassurance. Our teachers are interested in the whole well being of a child and in helping them attain a well-rounded education grounded in taking initiative and personal responsibility. The focus of our teachers is simply that the progress of the child is of the highest importance.

Our teachers help our students create those foundational abilities important in starting their academic careers. Rather than holding to strict criteria, our curriculum adapts to the individual strengths of the child, encouraging them to learn and discover at a self created pace. Our range of ages in our classrooms brings children of differing ages together, allowing them to both learn from other children that have recently gained an understanding of learning material while also encouraging the children to hone and craft leadership abilities by helping their fellow students. This interest in the progress of the child and not just the rote learning of set material is one of the things that sets Austin Children’s Academy apart as one of the best Austin Montessori Schools.

The exceptional teachers and diverse curriculum at Austin Children’s Academy aren’t the only resources we have to help children maintain their love of learning and develop an understanding of the world. Our education goes outside the classroom with field trips that bring learning to life on location while also promoting an awareness of the community and the outside world. The purpose is to show that learning doesn’t stop outside the classroom, and that anywhere can offer a chance to understand about their community, their world, and themselves.

Education For A New Millennium

The world changes very quickly. In order to succeed, students need to become good citizens who are creative, adaptable, imaginative, and undaunted by setbacks. Three-to-twelve-year-old Montessori students showed advancement in reading, math, and writing. Although they’ve been relieved of drills, excessive homework, and regular tests, Montessori students do just as well in grammar, spelling, and punctuation as their traditionally educated peers.

Academic achievement isn’t the only advantage of a Montessori education. Our students, engaged in a classroom that respects community, collaboration, mutual respect, and effective conflict resolution, also demonstrate more mature social and behavioral skills than their traditional peers. In a world that favors positive, effective interpersonal interaction, our students shine.

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If you have an interest in an Austin Montessori School, we encourage you to learn more about what Austin Children’s Academy has to offer. Stop by our classrooms, speak with our teachers, and ask any questions you may have regarding our programs, school, and our philosophy about learning and education. At Austin Children’s Academy, we desire to fan the flame of your child’s inquisitive nature and excitement for discovery. Working collaboratively with parents, we can together build a strong foundation on which to build the concepts of independence, creativity, and an enjoyment of learning that will last for a lifetime.

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