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Why is an After School Enrichment Program Important?

There may be several reasons why you’re considering an after-school enrichment program for your child. Dual working parents might need to find a fun, safe, and productive program to keep...
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What To Do When Your Child Screams “I Hate You!”

Even if you’ve heard it before, even if you know that it’s coming, there’s no way to brace yourself for the emotional wallop of hearing your angry child scream “I hate...
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Tantrums Don’t Stop At Two: Managing An Older Child’s Outbursts

Though it’s comforting to believe that your child will outgrow those “terrible two” tantrums by their third birthday, the truth is more complicated. Even if you’ve worked hard...
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Potty Training Tips And Tricks

Toddlers are pure, unfettered fun. They laugh with their whole bodies. They run even when they barely can, and they don’t care a whit about how silly they can be. They climb stairs, furniture,...
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The Importance of Naptime At Home and in the Classroom

Harried parents often have two equal and competing wishes: That their child would either nap more so they could get stuff done, or not nap at all, so that they can run errands all the day through....
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What Age Should Your Child Learn Shapes and Colors?

Shapes and colors are an important part of early childhood education. When your child strives to identify and separate blue blocks from yellow ones, she’s learning more than curves, corners,...
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What Programs Do We Offer for Babies and Toddlers?

At the Austin Children’s Academy, our primary mission is to nurture and guide your children through developmental milestones in a safe, loving, and stimulating environment. To this end, we...
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The Importance of Early Education for Infants

Most parents remember the first year of their babies’ lives as a wondrous (albeit exhausting) cycle of feeding, burping, diaper changes, and too-short naps. Yet while you were taking care of...
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Why Choose Austin Children’s Academy Instead of Daycare for Your Toddler?

Daycare and childcare centers are in abundance in the Austin area. When looking for the best fit for your toddler, we hope you’ll consider the variety of benefits Austin Children’s Academy...
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How the Classroom Helps Teach Social Skills

Each year, classrooms bring together a group of similarly aged students into one room. The diversity in these classroom communities poses an opportunity for engagement in social interactions that are...
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