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Week In Review – Bluebonnet: May 16th-20th, 2016

This week in the Bluebonnet’s classroom, we focused on keeping order in the classroom. Older children modeled how to work with materials on rugs and placemats. Our circle time discussion was about respecting materials and our friends work space. Several of the older children demonstrated how to properly roll out the rug and place materials on their rugs. We as a class are always helping each other to keep order in the room. The children even notice when items such as books or puzzle pieces are left out on the floor; they will pick them up and put them in the proper place. It’s good to see the class working together even at a young age they are learning to care for their environment! At home you can help your child to remember the rules and take care of their belongings by demonstrating simple tasks. Children are constantly observing and learning about how to do things. Being a model for children will show them how things operate and caring for our surrounding teaches them to be respectful.

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Ms. Ebony and Ms. Lacey

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