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cedar park motessori and learning centerChildren are curious. They want to learn about their surroundings. They have a strong desire to understand what they see and hear. Education is the doorway to learning new things. The Montessori teaching method embraces every child’s natural instincts to explore the world around them. We encourage them to satisfy their curiosities through learning inside and outside the classroom. For children who live in Cedar Park, our Montessori school is the foundation for a path to academic and personal success.

Fostering Natural Interest

Teachers in the Montessori environment foster a connection between your child and the topics that pique their interest. We don’t use a standard set of learning materials and force children to absorb this information on a regimented time table. Your child will move through the learning process at a comfortable pace of discovery and understanding. That pace is different for everyone. In this setting, your child can pursue deeper levels of interest and attention in various activities. Our teachers offer encouragement and guidance in an environment where your child can pursue academic development.

Developing A Love Of Learning

Founded less than a hundred years ago by one of Italy’s first female physicians, the Montessori educational method makes powerful use of a child’s natural energy, curiosity, and willingness to learn. Rather than lecture-to-task, teachers guide each student through the multiple developmental and academic stages of education based on the child’s own pace and abilities. Instead of trying to push children through random benchmarks, the philosophy embraces students’ differences so that the learning experience is joyful, natural, and effective.

This holistic, kid-centered method breaks up the standard regimented rows of desks and chairs to provide open spaces to encourage exploring. Educational toys are specially engineered with specific learning tasks in mind, and designed to be attractive to the eye and fun to use. The goal is to promote in each child a joy in the learning process as well as an undaunted willingness to experiment, falter, and then happily try again. Students learn the virtues of independence, self-reliance, and creativity that will stay with them throughout their lives.

Encouraging Social And Personal Development

Getting along well with others, being able to work collaboratively in groups, treating all people with respect, and learning to resolve conflicts peacefully are fundamental social skills that form an important part of all childhood education.

Our multi-age classrooms (typically a span of three years) promote a cozy, family-like atmosphere where the older children embrace their big brother and sister responsibilities while the younger children can look up to and emulate their peer mentors, ultimately maturing into those positions themselves. Social and emotional maturity go along with academic advancement and a love of learning to provide a child with all the tools he or she needs for future success in school as well as in life.

Embracing the Montessori Teaching Philosophy

Our faculty and staff is what truly embraces the Montessori method and drives the success of ACA. Ultimately our teachers have all received high levels of accredited instruction in Montessori philosophy and fundamentals. They’ve been carefully trained in the teaching method originally developed by Dr. Maria Montessori before they are even considered for the position as Lead Teacher. That’s one reason why all of our teachers are good role models and effective educators. They have the ability to guide and empower students through both personal and academic levels of higher achievement in a calm and respectful manner.

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Thinking Outside the Classroom

There are more things to learn than could ever be contained within the four walls of a classroom. That’s why we believe in going beyond those walls and exploring the community. Working in an environment beyond the classroom will shed more light on parallel topics discussed in class. This encourages a hands-on approach to learning, creating a deeper understanding of what children see and hear. Absorbing new experiences outside the classroom generates a greater thirst for knowledge about the community and more interest in the world as a whole.

Putting It All Together

Choosing the right school or daycare center is about finding the right environment for your child. We offer a setting where our teachers, classes, curriculum, facility and community merge to create a greater learning experience for our children. We strive to put them on a successful path of personal and academic achievement that resonates throughout their lives. We observe higher standards of learning and offer a positive way for young minds to follow their instincts and satisfy their natural curiosity.

Our approach is clearly different than what you’ll find in a traditional classroom or daycare center. If you live in Cedar Park, the Montessori teaching method can open the wonderful doors to learning for your child. Yet every teacher on our staff witnesses daily how our methods of tapping into each individual child’s innate passion for learning and growth prepares them for academic, social, and personal success.

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