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Choosing a daycare facility for your infant or toddler can be a complex and trying decision. It’s one of the most difficult and yet most important choices you will make for you and your young child. Beyond the basics of a safe and convenient location, accommodating hours, and a clean and well-kept facility, you’ll also want a nurturing staff, bright and vibrant rooms, shelves full of age-appropriate toys to stimulate your growing child, and, above all, a joyous and loving atmosphere.

children learning at aca in austin

You’ll find all these features and more at the Austin Children’s Academy (ACA), one of the best daycares in Austin.

  • Our large, 10,000 square foot facility in Cedar Park TX encompasses ten classrooms and two spacious outdoor play areas, age-appropriate, both enclosed and monitored by security cameras.
  • Our teachers are certified for CPR and first aid and are bound by strict, written policies and procedures to keep the daycare sparkling clean and reduce the spread of illness
  • We are a “green” campus, dedicated to recycling, reusing, and generally reducing our carbon footprint, with aspirations to upgrade to solar power.
  • We offer you and your child the option to “age up” in the same facility, since our North Austin daycare is an important part of an institution which offers educational programs all the way through kindergarten.

We encourage you to compare our facilities to other daycares in Cedar Park. Our North Austin daycare program is divided into two ages, six months to eighteen months, and eighteen months to three years. Each dedicated classroom has been specially designed to promote your child’s cognitive, motor-skill, and sensory development. Infants need safe spaces, plenty to bright contrasts, their physical needs met for rest and comfort, and opportunities for large-body movement. Toddlers need safe spaces to move in, textures to explore, and plenty to pick up to improve small motor skills. With this understanding in mind, we’ve designed our North Austin daycare with ordered, wide-open spaces full of well-crafted, safe, and age-appropriate toys.

aca in cedar parkYet when you walk into our Cedar Park daycare, you’ll notice a lot more than the bright, safe toys and open spaces. You’ll notice that the babies are comfortable, well-tended, happy, and stimulated by music, mobiles, the wind signing through trees, and games of peek-a-boo and itsy-bitsy spider. You’ll notice the concentration on toddler’s faces as they pile blocks, roll balls to one another, or dip their hands in finger paint. You’ll notice the teachers quietly and respectfully brokering disagreements, guiding children to the next activity, or watching carefully as a child works on a button-board. You’ll hear laughter as the kids join hands and sing songs or listen as the teacher reads from a board book.

Our Cedar Park daycare benefits greatly by its position within a larger Montessori school. Montessori schools offer a child-centered version of early childhood development. This method of educational philosophy was developed over a hundred years ago by a brilliant educator, one of Italy’s first female doctors, Maria Montessori. She founded schools for the sole purpose of studying, through empirical observation, the best way to encourage learning. Her ideas, radical at the time, swiftly gained traction and have now spread across the world.

The Montessori Method officially begins at the preschool at ACA, but many of the pertinent and highly regarded philosophies are also applicable to earlier childhood education. The most important of these Montessori tenets is keen observation. Our teachers are trained to recognize when your child is ready for the next physical or cognitive development, just as they know when to step in to avoid too much frustration. In our Austin daycare, your child will be free to play however his curiosity directs him, letting him explore to his heart’s desire under a teacher’s watchful eye. A child learns best by doing. We encourage self-motivated learning because curiosity is the best teacher.

But our Cedar Park daycare provides much, much more than a safe place to play. We take play very seriously, as seriously as your child does. That’s why our programs focused on fun also take into consideration the learning that’s going on. Our teachers constantly monitor the individual cognitive and developmental needs of your infant and toddler.

Some of the ways we promote early childhood development include:

  • Creating a comfortable, welcoming, home-like environment where every child feels safe
  • Developing a reassuring rhythm and structure to the day to reduce anxieties
  • Promoting bonds of trust between teachers and children
  • Providing sensory stimulus through music, color, and touch
  • Stimulating large motor skills by giving your child a vast, safe, indoor area and plenty of opportunities to sit, crawl, move, dance
  • Providing plenty of outdoor time in the lovely Austin weather
  • Stimulating small motor skills through art and play
  • Provide a word-rich environment to stimulate language development

children at a daycare in cedar park txIt’s never easy to leave your infant or toddler in new and different place for the first time. That’s why we encourage you to come and meet our lead teachers long before that first anxious day. We’re eager to discuss routines, policies, and procedures, show you how we arrange the day, manage the classroom, and encourage learning through play. We’ll listen to your particular concerns, take into account your infant or toddler’s individual needs, and address any questions you may have. We’re confident that the more you learn about our North Austin daycare program, our well-designed facilities, and the people who will be responsible for taking care of your children, the less worry you’ll have in trusting us with your most precious treasures.

We want this experience to be as joyful and smooth as you do, so if you’re still not sure that our North Austin daycare is for you, call us to make an appointment. We’re confident that, after visiting our exceptional facilities and talking to our staff and teachers, you’ll find us to be one of the best daycares in Austin.


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