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Week In Review – Daffodil Class May 16th-20th, 2016

Hello Parents!

Well we had another great week here in our Daffodil class, unfortunately this month we have had to say goodbye to a few of our classmates that have now moved to the Toddler class. Although it’s very sad to see them leave, we know they will do extremely well in their new classroom and they will learn so many new things

with their age group. This week our class focused on being “kind”. Kind was the word of the week, I’ve learned that during this age children tend to become a bit more
possessive of certain objects, find it hard to wait for things and become impatient easily, which then may result in small temper tantrums. We don’t see this very often, but Melanie and I thought it would be great to work on avoiding these issues and provide a better angle with positive reinforcement. This whole week we focused on “sharing”, as I mentioned before children this age become very possessive of objects and being so young they usually don’t have to share their possessions at home. Here in our class we have practiced sharing our toys, when one child gets frustrated or angry that another child is playing with a toy they want at that moment, we calmly sit both children down and say “let’s share”. We then allow one child to play with the toy for about 30 seconds then hand the other the toy and repeat this process back and forth while saying the word “share” consistently. Because of this lesson we have decided to introduce the sign share to help the children remember the lesson and what is expected when we say or sign “share”. It’s been really great to see the children calm down and sit patiently and watch the other child play with the object while remembering that they too will get a chance to play with it after the other is done playing. We have gone a little further and asked the children to “hug their friend” to reinstate this isn’t a competition and everyone shares, plays fair and is equal. And let me be the first to say this is simply the cutest thing to watch! We want to make our classroom one composed of harmony and love and we will continue to practice these methods to ensure the children feel comfortable and are able to express their needs with ease. We hope this will help with any issues at home regarding sharing and will build better patience within our little ones.

Thank you for all you do!

Ms. Gina and Ms. Melanie

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