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Week In Review – Daisy Class May 16th-20th, 2016

Dear Parents,

This week in the Daisy room the babies were quite energetic and wanted to move their bodies. We decided to dance to some music in our room to try and use all that extra energy. They really enjoyed our silly moves as they giggled and tried to move along with us. Once we finished our dancing we settled down, sitting together to look over our new activity for the room. We introduced a small yellow basket with several bean bags of different colors. They were showed each piece and given a bean bag to touch and examine. We repeated each color they would pick up from the basket, reinforcing each color to with its name. Then we placed the basket in front of them and allowed them to decide what they wanted to do. Some clapped the bean bags together while some observed the basket carefully. While we had their attention we went ahead and took one bag and tossed it into the basket as an example. It didn’t take long for many to catch on and place their bean bag into the basket. The babies really enjoyed placing the bags into the basket. A couple of them even tried to repeat back the colors we were showing them!

Thank you again for all of your support!

Ms. Blanca and Ms. Amber

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