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Week In Review – Iris Class May 16th-20th, 2016

Hello, Parents!

This week we took a more extensive look at gardening. The kids found out that there are so many flowers and vegetables that can be great for planting in the garden! A lot of our children shared with us that they, in fact, have gardens of their own in the backyards of their houses, or have plants growing inside. With the help of 3-part Montessori cards children learned about different kinds of gardening tools that are used for planting and work around the yards and gardens. Some of them were excited to recognize the ones that they’ve seen or used before. Also, this week we worked on some geometric concepts ( short – long, biggest – smallest ) with our younger kids, continued with writing and reading with the older ones and focused a little more on our 5-year-olds getting ready for science fair next Friday. This week in our classroom was marked by a visit from a guest reader. Ms. Andrea’s mom came to read some fun and funny stories to our kiddos.

Next week we’ll be busy learning more facts about the teen chains and numbers from 11 to 19!

Have a nice and restful weekend,

Ms. Julia and Ms. Ali

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