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Week In Review – Marigold Class May 16th-20th 2016

Hello Parents,

This week the children were very engaged in the weekly letter, color, number, and shape. Our weekly letter was H and we discussed the sound that H makes and words that begin with the letter H such as heart, hippopotamus, and hat. Our weekly shape was a heart and we incorporated an arts and craft activity in which the children filled the heart with paper mache to help them recognize and recall the shape of a heart.

We expanded our learning of the ocean with the different types of animals that can be found in the ocean. We discussed octopus, and how they have 2 arms and 6 tentacles, we discussed dolphins, whales, sharks, jellyfish, sea horses and fish. We explored the difference between land tortoises and sea turtles. The older children assist the younger children in their learning of the ocean life and reinforce their understanding of the animals. The children even recall the names of the animals later in the day when they see the pictures on the board.

We are continuing our practical life work with how to wash and clean materials along with a sandbox work in which the children can dig through and collect and discover items underneath the sand. We also focused on cutting fruits and vegetables in the practical life as well as identifying which of these were fruits and which were vegetables. These materials allow the children to develop their real world skills outside of the classroom.

Each child is developing in their own skill level on all practical life, science, art, sensory, math and language. We look forward to their progress as we move in the summer months and begin incorporating more arts and crafts in the month of June.

Best regards,

Ms. Sarita and Ms. Madison

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