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Week In Review – Sunflower Class May 16th – 20th, 2016

Hello Parents,

Hope you all are having a nice week. This week we celebrated Samanvi’s birthday! The kids loved the pizza party and it was also Melanie’s last week with us, so we enjoyed an ice cream party. We are going to miss her a lot and we wish her the best. Last week, we focused on the language and math areas and this week we will continued to strengthen are work in these respective areas.

Language: In our language area we introduced bingo, a game to strengthen sight words and our older kids were really engaged. We will continue vocabulary development with our children. We are encouraging our little kiddos with the sounds of letters and also working with them on their writing skills.

Math: During circle time we worked on counting with our class and also talked about the spindle box in our math area. Spindle boxes help the child in understanding sequencing. the numbers and prepares the child for counting and teaching them the values of quantity. Children loved working with this Montessori materials and this helps them to solidify their concepts on math and other areas.

Upcoming Events:
May 20 -School Spirit Day; Kids can wear their favorite color
May 24 – Music Day
May 27- Science Fair.

Thank you and have a wonderful weekend,

Ms. Sri & Ms. Pragya

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