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Founded in 2007, Austin Children’s Academy (ACA) is an Austin Montessori School. ACA’s goal is to provide a stimulating environment to promote natural curiosity and self-motivation utilizing the Montessori philosophy. Our children pace themselves as they learn using quality Montessori materials. Certified Montessori teachers work beside them in the role of guides and observers on this engaging journey of educating minds and bodies.

Mission Statement

Our mission at Austin Children’s Academy is to guide and encourage the natural development of the whole person in a Montessori learning community by addressing the uniqueness of each child in a nurturing, emotionally secure and academically inspiring environment.




This is a great school with a broad and varied curriculum — everything from academic-focused camps to a music camp with a working recording studio

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We understand each child is special and unique in their own way. It is for these reasons that the Montessori philosophy is so successful, empowering each child and enabling them to excel in life.

Success is measured by evaluations of student performance, the results of parent-teacher conferences, and regular progress reports. ACA encourages parent involvement with regularly scheduled conferences, parent evenings, and participation in our Parent Teacher Association. We hope you and your child will join us in opening doors to the exciting world of knowledge gained through exploration.

Vision Statement

Our vision is through the collaborative partnership of teachers, parents, children and the community a commitment to communication, honesty and mutual respect is developed to foster the “joy of learning.” At Austin Children’s Academy, we are dedicated to the success of our students, both in school and in life.

ACA’s CORE VALUES: Listed below are Austin Children’s Academy’s core values. These core values, we believe embody the essence of the Montessori philosophy and are meant to shape Austin Children’s Academy’s culture in our efforts to achieve the mission.

Core Values

  • Family– We believe is a fundamental foundation to success.
  • Knowledge– We seek understanding and intellectual stimulation using the Montessori philosophy and believe learning is a lifelong process.
  • Respect– We show consideration and courtesy towards all people and their perspectives.
  • Excellence– We strive to be capable and effective at what we do, and we maintain a commitment to excellence in all that we do.
  • Diversity– We value and promote the diversity of people, ideas, and opinions.
  • Integrity– We work to ensure that our practices are always aligned with our beliefs and that we are honest in our actions and in our words.
  • Community– We recognize the connectedness and inter-reliance of all people; the value of teamwork and cooperation; and the importance of finding common ground in our interactions with one another.
  • Sustainability– We recognize our role within our environment and are dedicated to creating processes that conserve and preserve the world that we live in.


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