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The newly renovated state-of-the-art Austin Children’s Academy campus is a 10,000 sq. ft. facility. It is a “green” environmentally-conscious school with academic and recreational resources including: ten classrooms each equipped with their own restroom, computer lab and library; a recreational activity room; and two spacious age-appropriate designed playground areas. ACA is an energy-efficient campus with future plans to go solar. The management participates in recycling, reusing, and upcycling programs.





First and foremost, ACA won us over with their warmth. It was clear to us that they would provide and caring and nurturing environment for our kids. The other Montessori and Montessori-based schools we considered felt “cold” and sterile.

Julie G.



As you walk into an ACA Montessori classroom, you will immediately notice enthusiastic learners engaged in purposeful educational activities involving high-quality traditional Montessori manipulatives. There are ten classrooms in the facility, each equipped with a world full of educational opportunities. Each classroom is divided into specific areas where children have endless opportunities to learn from specially designed Montessori materials.

The classroom itself is distinct, beautiful, and enticing–but also carefully designed to reinforce children’s independence and natural urge towards self-development.

 The room, equipment, activities and teachers guide children based on each of their unique developmental needs.

Classrooms are all equipped with their own library, computer lab and materials to capture students’ imaginations and stimulate their thirst for knowledge. Each room and the materials within them are designed specifically for the ages of children that will be taught there.

Library, Computer Lab

Every classroom in the Academy has its own state-of-the art library and computer lab. Brand new computers with Internet access are equipped with the most innovative learning software available. Children will become familiar with new technologies, which is an essential skill for surviving in today’s world. Library materials include multimedia materials and a wide array of books appropriate for each age group, consistent with the Montessori philosophy of education.

Activity Room

ACA has a spacious activity room and indoor gym area for the specialty classes including gymnastics, dance, chess, and art. Children can let their creativity flow as they leap, dance, or paint their way to a more confident state of being. These activities promote self-discipline and help your child develop into a well-rounded individual. At Austin Children’s Academy, children not only enrich their minds, but their bodies and souls as well.


Austin Children’s Academy has two age-separated playground areas where children can let their imaginations run free. This playground is fully enclosed and monitored by security cameras. The playground equipment has been specifically designed for the safety of each child, while providing them with a wide array of activities. There are open areas that can be used for nature walks, water play, picnics, sports, open-ended play, and just being outside on those beautiful Austin afternoons.

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