6 Mealtime Snacks For Picky Eaters

kids eating food
Man cannot live on bread alone, but many a toddler, it seems, lives on chicken nuggets, sliced hot dogs, and macaroni and cheese (as long as it comes from the blue box.) As a parent of a picky eater,...
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5 Ninja Mind Skills To Outwit The Defiant Child

small child in aca
Parenthood can sometimes feel like an emotional battlefield, especially when you find yourself toe-to-toe with two-and-a-half-feet of antagonistic toddler. With your determination weakened by the...
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What To Do When Your Toddler Sticks To You Like Glue

dad and son eating breakfast
When your baby is hanging on to you for dear life, your toddler is wrapped around your leg like an anaconda, or you find yourself closing the bathroom door on a hysterical preschooler for a moment of...
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5 Ways To Nurture A Child’s Curiosity

kids in classroom
In this era of high-stakes testing and rigorous classroom rubrics, it may seem to many parents that in the effort to meet short-term goals, some educational efforts focus on academics and neglect the...
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Becoming A Big Boy: Transitioning To First Grade

first grader
Your graduating kindergartener probably takes pride in the fact that he'll be joining the Big Kid's school soon. Maybe he even looks forward to the new teacher and classroom. After all, despite the...
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How To Stop Your Preschooler From Driving You Crazy

As a parent, you probably braced yourself for the terrible twos, but did anyone warn you about the dreadful threes, furious fours, and fitful fives? During these years, you may find yourself at a...
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The Kindergarten Conundrum: Is My Child Ready?

The Kindergarten Conundrum: Is My Child Ready?
It's likely that your memories of kindergarten consist of learning letters, numbers, colors, and how to sit quietly on a rug during story time. But with the advent of more rigorous academic...
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6 Steps To Teaching A Child Impulse Control

childrens school
Back in the 1960s, a professor at Stanford University conducted an experiment on impulsivity at a local nursery school. Left in a room with a single marshmallow, the children were told they could eat...
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How To Talk To Your Preschooler About Death

children walk hand in hand for peace world war 1
A child's pet is often her first and dearest friend. After years of running in the backyard with a puppy, sleeping with a cat at the end of the bed, or feeding a treasured goldfish, a preschooler...
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Growing Geniuses: 7 Simple Ways To Nurture Your Child’s Intelligence

aca motessori student doing work
It's a mad, mad world out there, and it's getting more competitive every day. Every parent aspires to give their children that certain edge so that they'll succeed in society, school, and ultimately...
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