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Loving & Caring Cedar Park Child Care

Quality, affordable child care is a priority, especially for working parents. Educational facilities release your kindergarten or grade school children in the middle of the afternoon, yet you need child care for the full day! Not every public or private school has an after-hours program, and not every after-hours program is effective, engaging, or right for your child. To avoid making that mid-afternoon dash across town to shuttle your kindergartener from one facility to another, you may feel pressured to make compromises. All these issues raise serious challenges in finding the right Cedar Park child care provider for you.

childcare in cedar park tx

Fortunately, the Austin Children’s Academy has the perfect, no-compromise solution. We offer complete, comprehensive, after-school child care not just for the students in our own school, who range in age from toddlers to kindergarten, but also children from local schools in the Cedar Park and North Austin area. You may have seen our colorful ACA bus on the roads in the afternoons, picking up local students from elementary schools and bringing them to our North Austin child care facility for an afternoon of fun and productivity.

Once your child arrives at our child care in Cedar Park TX, we offer healthy snacks to fuel them up for what’s to come. Your child can then enjoy two large, open, and well-equipped outdoor play spaces where they can finally run free after so many hours stuck in a classroom. In bad weather, our recreation room also offers ample space for free play as well as special programs.

Those special programs vary during the year, offering options for the students to engage in enrichment opportunities such as:

  • Gymnastics and Dance
  • Sports and Games
  • Dress-up and Theater
  • Music
  • Art
  • Creative Play
  • Cooking

cedar park tx playgroundOur classrooms are equally as fun as our outdoor and indoor play facilities. If you have ever visited ACA’s large, ten-classroom facility, you know that each room is specifically designed to engage children’s curiosity and promote learning for every age. Your child will have guided access to a dedicated computer lab as well as classroom library full of books and multi-media educational materials. Neat, organized, and filled with specially-designed toys, our classrooms are safe, wide-open spaces that represent the antithesis of boring.

Herein lies the advantage that lifts our North Austin child care program above many other child care providers in the Cedar Park TX area. As a Montessori school, ACA is committed to the tried-and-true educational philosophy developed by Maria Montessori over a hundred years ago, that children learn best when their curiosity is encouraged and engaged. We believe that fun and learning are intricately connected and very serious business. This philosophy of learning-as-fun permeates every program within our school, including our child care program.

As a member of the American Montessori Society, we are currently going through the rigorous process of accreditation. Our teachers are all Montessori-certified, which requires them to and enhance their skills and knowledge on a continual basis in order to maintain the high standards of certification. The hallmarks of a Montessori teacher include:

  • A comprehensive knowledge of physical, sensory, social, and cognitive childhood development.
  • A dedication to keen observation in the classroom.
  • A focus on child-centered teaching, taking cues from each child to nudge them closer to academic, social, and motor skill milestones.
  • A knowledge of effective, calm, and loving discipline.
  • A dedication to developing every child’s confidence, self-reliance, initiative, and love of learning.

Though our focus is on learning and play, we also take care of business. During the hours your child spends in our child care program, we encourage them to complete any homework assignments they may have. There’s no better time to do this than while they have full access to our Montessori-certified teachers. During tutoring time, the student can ask questions and seek help. Our teachers have been trained in the delicate art of providing just enough guidance so that your child can do the figuring himself. Montessori-certified teachers know exactly when to step in with a suggestion or demonstration before frustration taints the joy of learning. Nothing makes our teachers more proud as when a student takes the necessary steps to solve problems him- or herself.

children playing in classroomOur in-house tutoring delivers an additional benefit to you, the parents. You may have heard stories–or experienced yourself–how homework can turn into a pitched battle between parents and children. Often there is no choice but for homework to be tackled later in the evening, when a child may be tired, or more eager to spend time with his pets, familiar toys, neighborhood friends, and most especially his parents. A student laboring over worksheets in these conditions can experience enormous frustration and resentment. But if a child can finish these projects when he’s best ready, in an environment full of skilled help, then your evenings can be spent blissfully catching up on each other’s day in a more relaxing atmosphere.

Here at ACA, we understand that child care is never just about babysitting. You can be sure he’ll be safe and happy in our family-oriented environment, but we hope you now also see what advantages our Cedar Park child care offers to feed your child’s hungry mind in a way that will promote a lifelong love of learning. Our goal is to ensure that your children are rejuvenated, relaxed, mentally stimulated, and full of joy when you pick them up from our Cedar Park child care.

Interested in learning more about our North Austin child care program? Communication is a key part of our mission statement, so don’t hesitate to call us for more information. Our teachers will fill you in on the details of the schedule, our educational philosophy, and the logistics of our safe transportation program. If you want to see for yourself our expansive and well-designed facilities, how happy our students are, and how the classrooms feel like a home-away-from-home, call to make an appointment for a tour today.


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