Convenient Electronic Sign-In/Out

In addition to our convenient electronic communication process as well as our electronic payment method, we have just recently designed and implemented our paperless, secure electronic check in/out process.

This service will allow parents to use an unique secure pin code that will be assigned to each individual parent/guardian, authorized persons and emergency contacts. No longer will you have to physically sign in/out on our paper sheet assigned to your child by classroom.

As a parent/guardian and emergency contact, you will simply input your personal unique pin code on our touch screen iPads located at the front reception desk to sign in/out your child(ren).

Once you, your authorized persons and/or emergency contacts have signed in/out, you will immediately receive an instant notification via email in real time for confirmation. No more worries about if your child was safely checked in/out at ACA.

These unique pin codes will only be dedicated to each person’s profile that is authorized to drop off and/or pick up your child. Please see below for the information that is needed to add authorized adults including your emergency contacts to assign their unique pin code and personal profile. 

It is vert important that you DO NOT share your pin with anyone else because everyone will receive their own unique pin code. You and any other authorized person will be receiving this unique pin code via email once we have implemented the software integration.

By the end of 2018, we will be moving from a secured pin code to a biometric system that will require your fingerprint to sign in/out.

ACA’s goal is to ultimately go completely paperless. We are implementing these systems for sustainable and environmental solutions. With these solutions, you as a parent, will have a peace of mind knowing that your child is safe and well taken cared for from morning drop off to afternoon pick up during your busy day.

We need the personal information for anyone that will be responsible for your child, including but not limited to emergency contacts, grandparents, older siblings, family friends, nannies etc. 

Register now by providing the following information for all authorized individuals to drop-off and/or pick-up your child by Friday, October 5th:

  • Student’s full name(s) 
  • Name of each person that you are giving authorization for sign in/out 
  • Photo ID or Driver’s License
  • Relationship to student 
  • Phone number 
  • Primary email address   
Every single person will have their own personal profile and unique PIN number. It is very important that we receive this information no later than Friday, October 5th. We will be launching our new system as soon as you send this information. 
Due to safety and liability purposes, the PIN numbers that are assigned, should only be used by that particular person as it is correlated to their personal profile. It is also very important that you do not share your pin number with anyone else. 
Once we receive this information from ALL of our ACA parents/guardians, we will then launch our new Electronic Kiosk system by the following week. 
Please contact us via email at or simply call us at 512-331-2075 if you have any further questions or concerns. 

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