Private Kindergarten


In the Austin Children’s Academy private Kindergarten program, we customize the curriculum for each child. This allows students to comprehend the material fully and at their own pace, before moving ahead.

We emphasize self-learning, a core principle of the Montessori philosophy, which allows students to conquer new skills and understanding while building on past lessons and concepts. By allowing a child to learn at their own pace, we release their learning potential and captivate and nurture their natural curiosity.

We have proven that keeping your child enrolled for their last year, your child will gain more confidence and will be better prepared for grade school. As the older students in the Primary program, he/she will be mastering their skills that they have been focusing on for the first 5 years of their life. The last year is the most important for your child’s future success in school, home and life.

Why is the last year so important?

Free the child’s potential, and you will transform him into the world.

Dr. Maria Montessori

The benefits for enrolling your child in our ACA Private Kindergarten program include:

-One-to-One Attention
-Personalized Curriculum
-Seamless Transition to Grade School
-Mastery of Montessori Curriculum
-Class Leadership
-Solidify Confidence & Independence

Science Fair Presentations



The private Kindergarten program promotes the integration of academic, social, creative, and physical development through activities that utilize all the learning areas. The curriculum is sculpted by each teacher and captures the natural curiosity through scheduled activities that advance students mentally, physically, and emotionally.

ACA Private Kindergarten



Our teachers are experts at the art of learning and utilizing the Montessori philosophy to balance group activities, individual attention, and of course academic advancement.

Subjects that are included in our Private Kindergarten curriculum:

-Language Arts
-Science & Biology

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