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As of October 5th,
ACA will no longer be accepting checks.

For your convenience and security, we will require each family to opt-in to our monthly ACH Auto-Pay. This will be at no cost to you. Also there will be no hassles of remembering to write a check every month and you won’t have to worry about paying on time. This will allow you to avoid any late payment charges. Simply download this ACH FORM and submit it back to us no later than October 15th for you to be in our system for next month’s tuition payment.

ACH payments offer opportunities for our customers to save time, secure their payments, and take advantage of the convenience of electronic payments. This new payment program will allow you to receive the following benefits:

Reduced errors. With an automated payment, you don’t run the risk of forgetting to sign your check or entering the wrong amount. Once you set up your payment, the same amount is deducted each month.


Security. With an ACH payment, you can see immediately that your payment was received, unlike a typical check payment. Plus, there’s no chance that your check is lost or stolen en route.


Convenience. No more worries about writing a check. You also have peace of mind, knowing that your child’s tuition and fees are being paid even when you’re busy with work. You no longer have to carry your checkbooks around or send checks in the mail.


Paperless Solutions. ACA’s goal is to ultimately go completely paperless. We are implementing these systems for sustainable solutions to maintain our environmental friendly values including our electronic communication reports and electronic sign in/out. 


Other ACA Parent Benefits: 

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