Choose Your Own Learning Adventure: How Children Can Meet Their Educational Goals Through Self-Direction

Choose Your Own Learning Adventure
The Montessori method revolves around self-education, which is accomplished through self-direction. Instead of following the traditional model of schooling, where a teacher stands at the front of...
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Vocab Is Fab: Understanding the World through New Words

Short words vocabulary for kids
In order to succeed in school and in life, your child should always be learning new words—especially when they’re young. With a wide vocabulary, they’ll be able to understand written text and...
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Safe, Warm, and Protected: How Montessori Schools Nurture Infants

How Montessori Schools Nurture Infants
If you’ve grown up believing that school begins at age five, you are not alone. In traditional schools, children typically start kindergarten when they’re five years old and progress from there....
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Learning with All the Senses: 7 Activities and Materials That Stimulate Toddlers

Learning with All the Senses
Sensory materials help your children do what they do best—learn through play—by stimulating all five senses: touch, sight, smell, hearing, and taste. Sensory play gives toddlers a chance to...
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The Montessori Method and Its Impact on Twenty-First-Century Learning

Child learning the montessori way
Montessori education in 2023 is more popular than it’s ever been. This century is under constant transformation, and there’s no educational method that embraces that fact better than Montessori....
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Montessori vs. Traditional Education: What’s the Difference?

Montessori vs. Traditional Education: What’s the Difference?
In this article, we’ll discuss the differences between Montessori and traditional education. We find that, with parents new to the philosophy, this is one of their most common curiosities. The...
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5 Ways Montessori Schools Foster Independence and Creativity

A child learning creativity and independence
What Is Creativity? Before we get started, it helps to define Montessori education for creativity and Montessori education for independence. A creative child is one who can generate new ideas to...
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4 Techniques to Help Soothe a Child Having a Tantrum

Child Having a Tantrum
Tantrums aren’t enjoyable. But they become easier to manage when you understand them. Very young children (one to two years old) may be trying to communicate something that they need and don’t...
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15 Educational Indoor Activities for Kids Stuck at Home

Kids playing inside
We’ve thought of some activities for kids at home—some to get their bodies moving, some to get their brain working—and put everything together for an all-around great time. 1. Make a DIY...
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5 Ways Montessori Education Help Develop Child Independence

Children Learning Independently
Montessori philosophy greatly emphasizes independence in a child, and we do all we can to foster that independence in the environment we create. In this article, you’ll find five ways that we...
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