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Category Archives: ACA Blog

Montessori At Home

If you’ve ever visited a Montessori classroom in action, you might be struck by how calmly the school day progresses, in large part due to the children themselves. The students know where to place their backpacks and hang their jackets. They know when it’s time to play and where each toy belongs. When it’s time […]

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The Absorbent Mind

The Absorbent Mind is one of the fundamental discoveries that underlie the philosophy of a Montessori education. Dr. Marie Montessori recognized the concept during her extensive observation of active classrooms. During the first six years of life, infants and children have a tremendous, almost volcanic capacity to learn, a capacity that is never matched in […]

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The Four Planes of Development

The brilliant Dr. Maria Montessori, founder of the Montessori Method, did not proscribe her psychological, developmental, or education studies to early childhood. She observed the growth of children from infancy all the way to adulthood. During these extensive, exhaustive studies, she delineated four periods or “planes” of human development. Understanding them can help educators to […]

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Sensitive Periods in Montessori

The brilliant Dr. Maria Montessori noticed very quickly that children pass through phases of “sensitivity” when they are concentrating on mastering one particular skill. Recognizing the onset of sensitive periods and encouraging the proper skill acquisition is a fine way to make optimal use of a child’s own natural developmental timeline. So what are some […]

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Human Needs and Tendencies in Montessori

Dr. Maria Montessori spent a lifetime observing children in the classroom, using empirical observation to develop a teaching method that takes advantage of a child’s innate human needs and tendencies. By working with, rather than against, a child’s inborn impulses, the Montessori Method encourages self-directed advancement in order to cultivate a joy of learning. So, […]

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Benefits of teaching my child a second language

These days, more and more preschools and elementary schools are introducing a second language to their students. Educators have long understood the benefits of early immersion, but do you? What are the real benefits, beyond the obvious one, of gaining a new language skill? It’ll Come Easier To Them Now Rather Than Later Young children […]

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What age is best for swim lessons?

Maybe you have a pool in your backyard, or you live near a lake or river, and you’re concerned about the risks involved for a quick, adventuresome toddler. Maybe you just love water sports, boating, and swimming and can’t wait to share the joys with your own children with less worry. Maybe you’re concerned that […]

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Halloween Activities in Austin

The candy and the decorations have been out in the stores since August, and now the spooky month has finally arrived! Halloween is every kid’s favorite holiday, and Austin sure has a lot to keep them occupied in the run-up to that very special night. Check out these kid-friendly Halloween activities in Austin. Haunted Halloween […]

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Snacks To Help Inflammation In Kids

When your child is sneezing from allergies or wheezing from asthma, he or she is experiencing the excessive response of their immune system to common stimuli, which is the root cause of inflammation. Inflammation is a good thing in moderation, as your body’s first response to injury, stress, or infection. But if inflammation is part […]

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Fall Activities in Austin For Kids

Finally fall is here! The scorching heat of the Texas summer is passed, and the mercury has dropped below eighty degrees. You can shut off the air conditioning and open the windows at night, letting those cool breezes clear the stale air out of the house. Best of all, you can go outside and enjoy […]

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