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No Whining Allowed: How To Nip The Habit In The Bud

child at aca in austin tx
There will likely come an unwelcome moment when your child's articulation of the word "Mommy" turns into "Mommeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee," often spoken while he's contorting, clinging, going limp, or in...
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10 Signs That Your Child Is Ready For First Grade

child writing at our austin tutoring service
The transition to first grade can be a jarring change for any child. What happened to nap time? Play time? The reading circle? In the grade-school classroom, all that is swept away in exchange for...
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6 Fun Everyday Ways To Boost Early Math Skills

child reading passport
Long before your child tackles times tables, he or she must develop the fundamental number, counting, and pattern recognition skills that form the foundation of mathematical learning. Fortifying...
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What To Do When Your Preschooler Lies

Crumbs cover the table and chocolate covers his face, but your preschooler still denies he ate the cookies. When you try to get him to tell the truth, he persists, blaming his sister, the dog, or...
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6 Tips To Get Your Couch Potato Moving

preschool student playing in ACA in cedar park
Every parent knows that enforcing a habit of daily exercise not only helps children in the short term but also sets up healthy habits that will benefit them for a lifetime. Yet in a world awash in...
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8 Brain Superfoods To Help Your Child’s Focus And Memory

food for kids
Serious (and not-so-serious) athletes understand that eating the right foods at the right time with the right balance of carbohydrates, fats, and protein can make a big difference in physical growth,...
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How Does Your Child Learn Best?

How Does Your Child Learn Best?
Since the middle of the twentieth century, educators have known that there is no ideal teaching method that works for everyone. Every child differs in the way he perceives the world and in the way he...
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6 Benefits Of Music Education In Early Childhood

6 Benefits Of Music Education In Early Childhood
When it comes to improving education, STEM subjects are at the top of everyone's agenda these days. Indeed, science, technology, engineering, and math are vital in an increasingly technological...
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Children’s Sleep Issues Solved

baby with teddy bear
If your child isn't sleeping, then everyone in the house is awake. As a parent, you expect a certain level of sleep deprivation while taking care of a hungry infant, but wasn't that supposed to end...
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5 Tips To Make Sure Your Child Has Enough Energy For School

child going to school
For many parents, the buzz of a morning alarm can feel less like a reminder to start the day than a screeching blast that begins the desperate morning race. You rise from bed to shake your children...
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