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ACA Gazette June 2016


fecf8e3c-4aa3-4efc-8d40-e3e69b5a7424What an exciting month we had in May: Mother’s Day, Teacher’s Appreciation Week (thanks to all the ACA parents for their generous gifts and flowers), and Memorial Day weekend. May ended with our Kindergarten and Primary class Science Fair. We were so fascinated by their knowledge and enjoyed their science experiments and demonstrations.

ACA Summer: June and July will be filled with more fun and outdoor activities, such as; Splash day and picnics in our garden. Check out the ACA June calendar for all of these fun activities. Each classroom has assigned splash days. Keep in mind to send these items:

*swim diapers (if not potty trained)
*water shoes
*extra clothing with your children.

For more information check your classroom dailies.
ACA is also celebrating our Father’s Day Breakfast on Friday, June 17th, from 8:30 am to 9:30 am. All our fathers are invited to come and have breakfast with their children. Please do not forget to RSVP by June 10th. ACA will be holding Library Day over the summer, thanks to all our parents and grandparents for participating. We invite you to participate in Library Day and would love for your to sign-up.

Special note: During the summer months of June-July and part of August, some of our staff and teachers are taking their vacation. Your children will be in good hands with our trained teachers.

Thank you for all of your support!

Mrs. Gupta




Hello Parents,

“If you carry your childhood with you, you never become older.” — Tom Stoppard

Another school year is coming to a close and I’d like to once again, thank all of you from the bottom of my heart! Our Teacher Appreciation week was full of beautiful flowers, cards, treats and tasty lunches. It was so nice to see all the children with their mothers and grandmothers at the Mother’s Day breakfast. I hope that everyone enjoyed it. In May, we will also say goodbye to our future kindergarteners. Our science fair was awesome!

Sensorial area- Knobbed cylinders:
The cylinder blocks help develop the concept of visual discrimination of size. Use of this material teaches the child visual discrimination of dimension. This activity also helps the child develop his or her pincer grasp which is necessary for writing. This is a set of four wooden cylinder blocks. Each block contains ten knobbed cylinders of varying dimensions with knobs, each cylinder fitting into its respective hole.

Block 1: The diameter increases from 1cm to 5.5cm. The height increases from 1cm to 5.5cm
Block 2: The diameter increases from 1cm to 5.5cm. The height remains constant at 5.5cm
Block 3: The diameter increases from 1cm to 5.5cm. The height decreases from 1cm to 5.5cm
Block 4: The diameter remains the same. The height increases from 1cm to 5.5cm

Our sunflower children work with these 4 blocks.

June is the start of our summer season and we have plenty of activities and holidays to start celebrating. Our sunflower classroom is very welcoming, beautifully decorated with the summer theme on our door. We always like to celebrate the season with some extra fun in the sun! We can’t wait for all the exciting activities that we have planned for this month.

Thank you!

Ms. Sri & Ms. Pragya




Hello Parents!

Another school year has come to an end! Our children have grown so much, both physically and academically! We are tremendously proud of all their achievements. The next two months are traditionally our “fun” months.

In June we will be reviewing everything we’ve learned during the school year, adding some new engaging units of study. We’ll start the month off with exploring different bodies of land and water. We’ll talk about rivers and valleys, mountains and oceans, lakes and plains and some other.

In June, we also celebrate Father’s Day. We will have our annual Father’s Day breakfast on June 17th and we invite all our dads to attend! Month of June is when we finally say hello to the all favorite summer , so you can expect a lot of our activities to be centered around this awesome season. Overall, we are ready to have some fun in the sun having splash days and doing some fun summer learning!

Have a great summer,

Ms. Julia and Ms. Ali




Hello Parents,

We are starting our summer curriculum for the month of June. This month is really exciting for all of our kids because it is ‘Splash Day’ month. They love to spend time in the pools outside, it helps them to beat the heat! Moms and dads, please keep their swim suits, waterproof shoes, towels, waterproof diapers (if needed) ready and please write their names on their belongings accordingly.

The theme of this month is ‘art,’ so the kids will do a variety of arts and crafts work like coloring, drawing and painting. We also have a very special event that ACA would like to invite all of our wonderful fathers to join us for our Father’s Day breakfast on June 17th.

Last month was both productive and fun! Older kids learned about land forms and underwater animals. It really helped to enrich their vocabulary. The younger kids learned increased their knowledge in the practical life area. Scarlet, Haripriya and Alistair are adjusting well to our Marigold classroom. Kedar, Elias, Cooper, Ishaan, and Elizabeth are learning quickly and following all the directions given to them. Most of them are very close to getting ready to move to the next class.

In the classroom, we will continue to work with shapes, puzzles, matching objects with picture cards, sorting and sequencing. We added more math materials recently and the kids are having a lot of fun with numbers. We have lots of birthdays in June, so I am sure it will be a lot of fun and enjoyment for the kids.

Lastly, if you want to let us know something about your child’s lunch/food habits (example: what time we should feed them something), or anything related, please write a note to us.

Thank you very much!

Mrs. Mousumi and Mrs. Sarita




Dear Parents,

June is here and with that brings lot’s of warmer please send your child’s water bottle to school daily. We will take our water bottles outside with us during afternoon playtime. Summer weather has arrived rather quickly and the children are enjoying the outside time on the playground. We have been trying to incorporate fun activities while outside such as little games of kick ball, chasing bubbles and sidewalk chalk. Your child’s playground is a learning environment in addition to the classroom. The entire class of friends have been loving to participate in the little fun and games while outside. In our classroom it is a happy environment! The children are progressing nicely and working hard at learning new and exciting things everyday.

Ms. Lacey and I are happy to see the children working well together and also following the classroom rules. We have noticed great changes in each individual child. They are all understanding new materials more easily than before and have been really engaged with puzzles and small practical life material sets. The children are also remembering getting their own rugs, placemats and returning materials to the shelf. For the month of June we will focus on Art which will consist of many fun, creative projects to celebrate the summer season. In the classroom all the children really like painting activities and will often ask to paint. Painting is a relaxing activity and also a great way for your child to develop their fine motor skills; art also helps to build your child’s self-confidence!

Thank you for all of your help and all that you do!

Ms. Ebony and Ms. Lacey




Hello Parents,

This past month of May we had lots of fun celebrating different things. Mother’s day was so nice as the mothers came to eat with their kids. We were also quite thankful for the wonderful gifts during teacher appreciation week. With Memorial day the babies get to enjoy some extra time with their family. Now This June we will move into our summer semester and we are looking forward to more events. We have Father’s day coming soon and with that we can surprise our dads with something new to show our love. We hope they’ll love our hard work! Then we also have many splash days where we can cool down outside in our little kiddie pool. We plan on learning more about summer including the sun and ocean.

Thank you for all of your support!

Ms. Blanca and Ms. Amber





Hello Parents,

We had a great time this month in our Daffodil class. We reviewed a great deal of new material dealing with shapes and colors benefiting our cognitive and fine motor skills. This month is going to be a great one as well we have so many new activities to present to our little ones. I and Ms. Melanie have obtained a ton of new material involving the specific age range of the children in our class.

This month we plan on concentrating on Communication and Speaking, Gross Motor, Exploration and Discovery and finally Art. We will focus on one category each week and use different materials each day to encourage and motivate the children to learn without becoming bored or impatient at the same time. Communication and Speaking will involve materials with sounds, gestures, words and songs. We have learned at this age children will start to use language in a more recognizable way which improves their knowledge of letters and words and helps them become more sociable. Gross Motor will involve learning the parts of the body and practicing to point and say them. We have already introduced some of this material this week with pictures to see where our class was at and they did so well, we have learned it’s best if we practice with children pointing towards their own body parts instead of ours or ones shown on a picture, so this is the method we will be using in class if you’d like to practice at home as well.

Exploration and Discovery will be one of my favorites to introduce which will involve different containers and materials of shapes and sizes. This lesson is one of observance we will simply provide different sized boxes or cylinders and see how the children respond to them. We plan on seeing how they use them (examples: staking, placing smaller ones inside of others and organizing them in a certain way of their choosing). This is a time to observe what the children do and what understanding they have of different objects and different shapes. Last and finally not least we will work on Art Projects in our classroom, we will work with different paints and creams to improve our hand eye coordination and work closely with our fine motor skills.

June is going to be extremely eventful and I know the children are going to enjoy all the new material we have to present in our little classroom. Thank you for your help and patience in helping your children grow and allowing us the opportunity to do so!

Ms. Gina & Ms. Melanie



spanish class

Hello Parents,

We had a great month of May in our Spanish Class. The children did so well at their Spring Recital and im so proud of how well they preformed our Spanish action words song “Vengan Lla”. Parents have asked me about the lessons we have reviewed thus far and information from me to help them practice at home. We review most of our material and move forward to new material once I feel the class has fully mastered previous lessons. Our little ones should know the numbers (los numeros), the colors (los colores), days of the week (dias de la semana), months of the year (los meses), sports (deportes), the vowels (las vocales), and our action words from our spring recital song. This past month we reviewed the world (el mundo), land (la tierra) and the sea (el mar). We also reviewed the different meals we eat throughout the day, breakfast (desayuno), lunch (almuerzo) and dinner (cent). This month we will be focusing on the body. We will talk about different parts of the body and how we say them in Spanish. We will also be talking about Verano (Summer). We will talk about the climate change, the clothes we wear during the summer and summer activities we partake in. I have constructed new materials to keep the younger children engaged and have made printouts of writing works for our older children. We will continue to sings songs and introduce new stories in Spanish to help our memories remember sights and pictures and associate them with the Spanish words will be learning. I’m so excited for this month of June and look forward to making our Spanish Class one filled with entertainment and fun! I would also like to encourage parents if they ever feel the need to ask me any questions regarding any Spanish lessons or songs we may practicing, to feel free and email info@austinchildrensacademy.org and I will provide you with any information needed to practice with our little ones at home.

Thank you for all you do!

Ms. Gina

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