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Beyond the Fidget Spinner: Are Stim Toys Really a Good Idea?

If you haven’t heard of fidget spinners or their like, these are a class of toys originally meant to help children with ADD or ADHD focus better but now have become a bona fide toy craze. In...
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How Number Games Can Boost Math Skills Later in Life

With the ferocious rise in technology over the past few decades, never has it been more important to encourage kids to develop number, reasoning, pattern recognition, and other math skills. Faced...
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Games You Can Play With Your Child to Boost Language Skills at Home

Your children learned the first nuances of language while they were babies in their mother’s womb. That learning continues at an explosive pace through their formative years, when their brains...
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4 Early Warning Signs Of Dyslexia In Preschoolers

The most common learning disability affecting reading, spelling, and writing in children and adults is dyslexia. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services estimates that about 15% of the...
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Potty Training Tips For Reluctant Toddlers

The first day of preschool looms and your toddler still hasn’t shown any interest in the child-sized potty you brought out just for him. The fact that many of his peers have already embraced...
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A Child is Never Too Young to Benefit from Tutoring

Elementary school has changed a lot since the parents of today were kindergartners, playing with blocks and drawing crude approximations of letters in crayon. With the application of national...
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Why is an After School Enrichment Program Important?

There may be several reasons why you’re considering an after-school enrichment program for your child. Dual working parents might need to find a fun, safe, and productive program to keep...
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What To Do When Your Child Screams “I Hate You!”

Even if you’ve heard it before, even if you know that it’s coming, there’s no way to brace yourself for the emotional wallop of hearing your angry child scream “I hate...
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Tantrums Don’t Stop At Two: Managing An Older Child’s Outbursts

Though it’s comforting to believe that your child will outgrow those “terrible two” tantrums by their third birthday, the truth is more complicated. Even if you’ve worked hard...
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Potty Training Tips And Tricks

Toddlers are pure, unfettered fun. They laugh with their whole bodies. They run even when they barely can, and they don’t care a whit about how silly they can be. They climb stairs, furniture,...
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