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Different Types Of Potty Training Seats

Go to any parent-of-a-toddler forum, and you’ll quickly see that potty training is one of the hottest topics under discussion. While some kids potty train quickly, others take a lot longer, and...
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The Impact of Daycare on Infants

With more and more dual-working families, daycare is becoming a necessity for young parents who need (or want) to continue working. While family leave policies for employees in governmental agencies...
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How does play benefit a child’s development?

What is play? Play is what children do when they find themselves with time, space, and encouragement to follow their own curiosity, interests, and whims in exploring the world around them. The might...
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Is Playtime Important In Preschools?

In an increasingly competitive educational environment, parents are rightfully concerned about giving their children every possible advantage in the academic world. But when kids could be taking...
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Some Famous Montessori Students

The Montessori Method of teaching has been around for over one hundred years, so it’s no surprise that there are a large number of successful, creative and very famous alumni. Many of them...
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Kids Learn at Different Rates: Here Are Milestones to Look Out For

Learning is a predictable sequence from one academic and developmental milestone to the next, building on the former skills to achieve the latter. That’s why psychologists and educators have...
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8 Steps To Teach Self-Discipline And Impulse Control To Your Preschooler

It goes without saying that, as parents, we all want to instill self-discipline and impulse control in our children. Learning how to willingly delay gratification and maintain control of emotions...
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5 Advantages of a Montessori School

As a parent in the process of choosing an educational institution for your soon-to-be school-aged child, it’s easy to become bewildered by the variety of educational methods available. However,...
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How Early Childhood Education Teaches Vital Social Skills to Toddlers

Often the benefits of early childhood education are framed academically, as if developing fundamental reading and math skills is the primary goal. But there are a whole lot of other lessons your...
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Raising A Self-Motivated Child

As a parent, you know there will come a day when your child will leave the safety and comfort of your home. Whether she’s setting off for three weeks at summer camp, moving into a dorm room, or...
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