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My Child Only Eats Pizza… Help!

You whip up delicious, nutritious meals, but your child only eats hot dogs. You put new food in front of them all the time, but they won’t touch anything but mac and cheese. You try cajoling,...
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Popular Libraries For Kids In Austin

Sometimes it’s just too hot to go outside. Yet the last thing you want to do is spend another day in the house with your restless kids, or drop a fortune on an indoor play space or yet another...
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5 Healthy Treats For Kids

Growing kids eat a lot of snacks, because active kids need energy! Sometimes it’s easier to reach for a bag of cookies, crackers, or chips than take the trouble to dream up something healthy...
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What To Do When Siblings Don’t Get Along

Conflicts between siblings are inevitable. While many of the more hair-raising fights might center on toys, insults, or general bad behavior, more subtle ones will occur as siblings vie for parental...
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How To Get Kids Ready To Go Back To School

August is when the hot summer days start to mellow, but for your kids there’s a shadow on the horizon. It’s not easy for a child who is settled in a lazy-day mode, waking up late,...
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Ways To Keep The Kids Cool In An Austin Summer

Summer is upon us, and so are those soaring 100-degree-plus days. While you may be tempted to hunker down for these blistering weeks in home air conditioning, your kids will soon go stir-crazy. Check...
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The Breakdown Of Sharing Ages 3-6

Any parent of a toddler knows that no child is born knowing how to share. Toddlers are propelled into action by the strength of their own needs and desires, which they haven’t yet learned to...
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Popular Summer Fruits For Kids

There’s nothing quite like fruit picked at the height of its ripeness, which makes summer the best time to enjoy it. A perfect self-packaged snack for kids, fruit is a sweet but
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5 Fun Summer Austin Activities

Are the kids out of school? Is camp over? Are your kids telling you they’re bored? Are you out of ideas? Don’t worry, there’s plenty to keep them busy right here in Austin on those...
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Ways To Get Siblings To Share

When conflicts erupt among siblings over toys, you may be tempted to buy two of everything just to avoid the frequent trouble. Yet you know they’ll surely find something new to fight over,...
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