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Would Your Child Benefit From Tutoring?

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Unfortunately, not every child has an easy time in school. Some kids struggle with specific academic subjects, others struggle with time management, and still others may grapple with organizational issues and feel overwhelmed by increasing levels of responsibility. There may come a time when, as a parent, you’ll wonder whether your child would benefit from some additional help.

Check out these 5 signs that your child would benefit from tutoring.

Slipping Test Scores
If you’ve noticed a drop in your child’s test scores and/or quarterly grades, an experienced tutor may be able to help. A tutor should be able to hone in on the source of the trouble and help your child better grasp the subject matter. A fast reader, for example, may have trouble with reading comprehension. A good math student may stumble when it comes to word problems. In both these cases, a tutor may identify the stumbling block and help your child overcome it.

Late, Incomplete, Or Missing Homework
Missing homework or assignments handed in late could be a sign that your child is struggling with time management. A good tutor can teach time-management skills, such as tackling the hardest subject first, breaking down large projects into smaller parts, and the use of a scheduling notebook to keep on top of multiple deadlines.

Confusion And Frustration
A child who spends a lot of time confused about assignments could benefit a lot from the one-on-one time with an experienced tutor. Kids learn in different ways, and the busy classroom doesn’t always allow for aural, verbal, physical, or spatial learners to maximize their potential. A good tutor will figure out how your child learns best and then teach and guide accordingly.

Busy Lives
Families with two working parents may struggle to find the time to dedicate to the (sometimes) hours and hours of homework per week. Tutors are a good substitute not just for time management of your own, but also because, as pros, they are familiar with the material and can employ effective, and efficient, teaching methods.

Learning Disabilities
Children with specific learning disabilities have particular needs that many parents may not be equipped, without further training, to tackle. A special-needs tutor can help your child adapt to the learning difficulty, whether it be aural or visual processing, ADHD, dyslexia, a language processing disorder, or another disability.

Tutoring can also help in the long term for all children by helping kids build confidence in their skills and enthusiasm for their studies, traits that will help them not just in one quarter but for a lifetime.

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