Finding a School That’s Open During COVID-19


COVID-19 has been a struggle for everyone, but families have been hit the hardest of all. As the school semester arrives, many parents are starting to wonder how they can keep their children’s educations on track when so many schools are planning to remain closed.

Austin Children’s Academy has full safety measures in place and is accepting students for enrollment. Kindergarten might not be opening this year, but ACA is available to meet your childcare needs and give your kids an enriching educational experience.

Safe Alternatives to Public School
The very way public schools are designed makes them a poor choice for reopening during a pandemic. Cramming high volumes of students into a small classroom is a recipe for viral disaster, and the poor teacher-student ratio means that kids won’t get the supervision or hygiene assistance that they need to stay safe.

Luckily, the Montessori school philosophy can be easily adapted to accommodate the needs of students during a pandemic. Maria Montessori believed in using common sense and teaching practical life skills – two traits that come in handy when it’s time to teach kids how to function under a different set of rules.

Schools like ACA offer small learning environments with plenty of adult supervision. Children will learn how and why to wash their hands, wear masks, and protect themselves from viral spread. They’ll also get the chance to experience a hands-on education that helps their individual personalities shine.

When Is It Safe to Return to School?
Childcare and education needs don’t disappear when health concerns arrive. As a parent, you may be worried about whether it’s safe to send your kids back to school. This checklist will help you make a prudent decision within your community.

● Your governor has lifted local stay-at-home orders. Don’t plan on going to school until your state says it’s safe. Once your local area is ready to reopen, proceed with a reasonable amount of caution.

● The school takes appropriate precautions. The safest way to send your kids back to school is to choose an institution that requires masks and performs daily temperature checks.

● Your family is prepared to isolate if needed. If one of your children gets symptoms of COVID-19, it’s important to self-quarantine until the symptoms have passed. Be ready to take extra sick days this semester, just in case.

Austin Children’s Academy is taking full precautions to ensure the safety of our students and staff. Every year of education is important, and we’re committed to giving your kids the best experience we possibly can.

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