Library Day

Yesterday was Library Day at ACA! A day full of exploration and learning in the campus library where students are introduced to library structure and etiquette, and instructed on how to find books and navigate the space.

We feel that it is important for children to know how to utilize their neighborhood library, whether that is for research later in life or for family trips now when they can show off what they’ve learned to their parents. Libraries are a wealth of information and an indispensable tool for work and leisure.

Library Days consist of walking students around the in-house library, showing them the general layout and how books are organized by title and author. We show them how to look up a book using the library’s search database and locate the book after they find it on the computer. We also explain the process of checking out and renewing library books.

When we feel that the students are versed in these skills, we will take a class trip to the public library and apply their new knowledge. Emphasis will be placed on keeping quiet while searching and reading and keeping books in the order in which they are found. Students will receive library cards and be encouraged to frequent the library to look for new reading materials and turn in and renew their current books.

We aim to expand a child’s sphere of influence to include a larger portion of the world around them, and we feel that the library is an excellent place to do this. Information on countless subjects as well as children’s books will be placed under specific emphasis and students will be prepared to participate in library environments come elementary school.

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